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Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Did you know that 20 percent of new businesses fail in their first year, 50 percent don’t last beyond five years, and 66 percent are gone before 10 years? Lasting entrepreneurship involves so many factors – it’s not just being an industry or functional expert, or putting hard work into a great idea. External inputs […]

The Art of Attracting Outstanding Employees

We’ve all had those absolutely outstanding employees:  well-qualified, quick to learn company operations and culture, exhibit great attitudes. They do what they say they will do, on time and with high quality. Sometimes it can feel like we just fall into this type of employee. But there are ways to make the “fall” more likely. […]

Updating Your Organization’s Employee Experience

The nature of work has evolved dramatically over the years, from what we deliver to how we create it. It wasn’t long ago when scores of people sat in rows of desks performing the same repetitive activity. Today, we don’t even need to be in an office, and can still accomplish so much more. Each […]

Do You Need to Check Your Vision This Year?

I often get confused on what makes up a good vision.  My finance background does not exactly lend itself to visionary thinking—we are trained to look at the present and history.  I know one underlying trait of a good vision is that it should be timeless. One of the great examples of this notion is […]

Every Business Needs a Plan. . . But it Doesn’t Need to Be Long

When a business owner wants to attract a business partner or hopes to raise investment capital, he or she needs a way to show where the company is headed. A business plan is the right tool for the job. Many entrepreneurs don’t have business plans because they are unsure about how to begin, and the […]

Is an Angel Investor Right for Your Business?

As an entrepreneur, you are inherently a risk-taker. Starting and running a business is not for those who only play it safe. But like almost everything in life, risk is on a continuum. There is lots of distance between carefully weighed risk and recklessness. “Carefully weighed” risks are optimal. Many small business owners consider taking […]

Reassess Your Customer Credit Practices for Stronger Financials

by Anne Moore Odell Every time you send out an invoice, it is like you are granting a loan to your clients. Business is built on trust with products and services moving around the world on the foundation that invoices are going to be paid in a timely manner. However, extending credit can’t happen in […]

Your Best Tool for Understanding Short-Term Cash Flow

In a recent article, I shared ideas on how to positively position your company’s financials, even during a slowing economy.  The key is to ensure you have strong cash stores and credit availability. Today, I will explain a management tool that helps you anticipate your near-future cash flow and identify any areas of weakness: Presenting […]

It’s Decision Time

The average adult makes about 35,000 decisions a day. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? According to Psychology Today it’s not. And if you think about it, it makes sense: people make many decisions without thinking of them as decisions. (Which pen do I take out of the pen holder? Do I have time to […]

Why a Slow Economy Doesn’t Have to Mean Dire Straits for Your Business

Is the slowing economy adversely affecting Atlanta’s businesses, or is it a great time to be in business? Well that depends mostly on your recent revenues. But even if those are in reverse, a slowing economy can be a great time to take advantage of some opportunities and position your business to come out of […]

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