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Trillium Helps Ease the Pain of Financial Management for Medical Practice

The Company

Georgia Pain and Spine Care (“GPSC”), founded by Dr. Charles Brownlow in 2010, is a leading pain management medical services firm that provides comprehensive solutions to help restore each patient to their original lifestyle. The company uses progressive approaches to pain management with education, counseling, and minimally invasive procedures. Their mission is to relieve pain, increase productivity, and improve the quality of life for its patients using technologically advanced treatment regimens through its various metro Atlanta offices.


In 2020, the GPSC team wanted to enhance their financial management and reporting capabilities. They wanted to create a platform to communicate the company’s key performance indicators (“KPI”) and help educate its key team members on what drives its company’s financial results. In addition, the GPSC team wanted a “road map” that could guide them as they made financial decisions impacting strategies for growth.

Solution:  Trillium Financial’s Numbers Coach Leadership and Numbers Navigator™ Services

Trillium Financial’s (“TFI”) Numbers Coach financial leadership services were an ideal fit for developing GPSC’s performance metrics. TFI developed a financial scorecard to focus on the financial measurements that drive company profits and cash flow critical to sustained profitable growth. The scorecard offers an “at a glance” view of results. TFI developed a financial model from its proprietary software the Numbers Navigator™ . The software provides a road map for the GPSC team to see where they are headed with profits and cash flow. The software’s rolling financial forecast provides the GPSC team with a tool to make critical decisions “on the go” to achieve their desired results.


TFI pulled together financial and non-financial data to complete a scorecard and financial model. Each month TFI meets with the GPSC team to methodically review results and provide the input and analysis from TFI’s Numbers Navigator™ financial software. From the monthly financial coaching meetings, the GPSC team can take actions on activities that improve the company’s bottom line results.


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