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Trillium Helps Medical Company Acquire a Healthier Bottom Line

What are the best ways to grow a company?  You could increase transactions, raise prices, or launch a new marketing campaign.  Sometimes, however, a merger or acquisition is the best strategy a company may adopt for rapid growth.


Choice Care began looking for companies that they could purchase to accelerate its growth plans. However, they knew they would need the voice of experience to help guide their decision, so they turned to Trillium for help. 


The Company

Choice Care Occupational Medicine and Orthopaedics(“CCI”) was founded by Dr. Ish Khan to develop a 21st Century model which blends the two specialties of occupational medicine and orthopaedics. His unique program is the only program of its kind in Georgia and has proven to greatly enhance the quality of patients’ medical care while generating dramatic cost savings.  CCI grew to five locations in the metro Atlanta area .

The Situation

In 2013, Dr. Khan and his team were approached by a company that wanted to expand its presence in the Southeast.  They were looking for a strategic acquisition that would make it a major player in CCI’s market.  A letter of intent with an offer price was provided to Dr. Khan, who accepted the offer.

The Solution: Trillium Financial’s M&A Support Services

Trillium Financial’s (“TFI”) Mike Iverson had been providing part-time CFO leadership services to CCI since 2012.  For the due diligence process that CCI was about to embark upon, Mike served in a key role facilitating and coordinating financial due diligence activities.  In addition, the ongoing financial management tools implemented by TFI as part of Trillium’s CFO Leadership services helped the organization focus on bottom line results during the due diligence and negotiation phase of the transaction.

The Results

TFI was able to efficiently and effectively pull together the required financial and non-financial information to meet the due diligence deadlines.  TFI’s comprehensive and methodical approach to measuring and reporting financial results helped ensure the information was provided for all phases of the transaction.

According to Dr. Khan, “Mike has been an integral part of our team over the years.  His solid understanding of our business and its needs for financial reporting, combined with his disciplined approach were important factors in positioning CCI for a successful exit.  I cannot imagine having to go through the acquisition process without Mike.  He was instrumental in pulling mountains of data in a timely fashion.”

How can Trillium help your business acquire a healthier bottom line?  Contact us to discuss.  

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