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Trillium Crafts Financial Models for Brewing Company

In 1993, Red Brick Brewing (RBB) started as one of the first craft brewers in Atlanta.  The Red Brick team is dedicated to providing the consumer with world class Southern beers and ales.  The consumer gets a consistently great-tasting beer from unique blends of hops and other ingredients.  The RBB team of dedicated people are passionate about brewing the best-tasting Southern beer.

In 2012, the Red Brick team was transitioning its financial management and reporting with the goal of creating a financial model that would communicate the company’s key performance indicators (KPI) and drivers of its financial results to management and investors.  However, the team quickly found that it was challenging to accomplish this goal on their own.

SOLUTION: Trillium Financial’s CFO Leadership Services
Trillium Financial’s (TFI) CFO leadership services were an ideal fit for developing RBB’s customized financial model and metrics.  TFI’s Mike Iverson created the model and also reviewed the company’s financial results each month to help the team identify areas of concern or improvement.

TFI effectively pulled together the required financial and non-financial data to complete a customized financial model, providing insights for the team to do product and cash flow planning.  The model was developed with “what if” scenario planning capability.   This allows the team to see how changes to key metrics drive the financial results of the business.  The model also has the option to provide a rolling forecast for the team to get visibility on how they might finish the year given actual results to date.

According to RBB investor (and founder of North Highland Global Consulting) Dave Peterson:  “Mike jumped in and set up a customized financial model that matched Red Brick’s business and key metrics.  His solid understanding of financial reporting and analysis provided our company with the right tools for financial planning.  We would highly recommend Trillium’s CFO Leadership services.”

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