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Trillium Builds Financial Blueprint for Sustainability Company to Grow

The Company
Sustainable Investment Group (“SIG”), founded by Charlie Cichetti and Jason Kiefer, provides sustainability services to commercial property owners. SIG provides high quality services for LEED certification with commercial buildings. A LEED certified building ensures the property uses sustainable activities to help protect our environment. SIG offers LEED training, consulting, and engineering services domestically and internationally. SIG has become an industry leader and expert in LEED practices.

In 2020 the SIG team wanted to enhance their financial management and reporting. They were looking to create a platform to communicate the company’s key performance indicators (“KPIs”) that drive its financial results. In addition, the SIG team wanted a “road map” that could guide them as they made financial decisions impacting strategies for growth.

Solution:  Trillium Financial’s Numbers Coach Leadership and Numbers Navigator Services
Trillium Financial’s (“TFI”) Numbers Coach financial leadership services were an ideal fit for developing SIG’s performance metrics. TFI developed a financial scorecard focusing financial drivers that give the team visibility into the profits and cash flow critical to sustained profitable growth. The scorecard offers an “at a glance” view of results. TFI developed a financial model from its proprietary software (the Numbers NavigatorTM) that provides the road map for the SIG team to see where they were headed with profits and cash flow. The model provides a rolling forecast during the year so that the SIG team could make financial and operational decisions “on the go” to achieve their goals.

TFI pulled together financial and non-financial data to complete a customized scorecard and financial model. Each month, TFI meets with the SIG team to methodically review results and provide the input and analysis from TFI’s Numbers NavigatorTM financial software. From the monthly financial coaching meetings, the SIG team can take actions on activities that improve the company’s bottom line results.

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