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Trillium Identifies Opportunities for Improved Cash Flow for Environmental Engineers


In 1996, Scott Pate launched Sierra Piedmont (“SPI”).  His vision has been to create the leading environmental consulting, site assessment, compliance, and remediation services firm.  His firm has served a wide range of companies from Fortune 100 businesses to regional firms throughout the United States.  SPI’s innovative solutions and advice have helped its clients solve their environmental issues.

Scott and SPI’s management wanted to get a deeper understanding of how they could realize improved cash flow and gain meaningful insight to the financial drivers of their business.


SOLUTION: Trillium’s CFO Financial Navigator™

SPI hired Trillium to provide a comprehensive analysis of its financial operations.  Trillium used its CFO Financial Navigator to determine the key financial drivers in SPI’s business model.  Trillium gained an understanding of SPI’s key business issues through a discovery session with management.


Trillium provided Scott and his team with a comprehensive financial report that identified opportunities to drive more cash flow from his business.  Together Trillium and SPI determined realistic and actionable strategies to realize improved cash flow.  To achieve this Trillium provided:

  • A 20+ page financial report detailing key drivers in SPI’s business model,
  • A systematic cash flow forecasting model to provide SPI visibility into its future cash flow,
  • “What if” scenarios analyzed to understand the impact of different financial strategies,
  • Establish guiding principles for disciplined cash flow management process
  • Provided a short-term planning tool to ensure resources and cash were allocated appropriately

“Although it sounds cliché, Trillium Financial and the CFO Financial Navigator truly changed our financial life!” explains Pate.  “The fact is, for 13 years we had little or no ability to perform high level “what-ifs” or projections of cash effects based on pulling different levers in the company.”

“I don’t know of another program quite like this one,” says Pate.  “It doesn’t seem boilerplate or ‘canned.’  I think the most benefit is received by using the Navigator in conjunction with Trillium’s consulting services to understand how to apply what is revealed by the report to our financial metrics.”

“I’ve been very impressed with the tools that Trillium uses, but even more so with Mike.  He has a true desire to make your business better.  We look forward to a long and beneficial relationship with Trillium.”

SPI did their first Navigator about 8 years ago, and continues to update it quarterly, or at least annually, to compare it with previous results.

“Anyone without an in-house CFO is a perfect candidate for, and can dramatically benefit from, the CFO Navigator from Trillium.”

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