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Trillium Helps Medical Practice Improve Profits

The Company

Choice Care Occupational Medicine and Orthopaedics (“CCI”), founded by Dr. Ish Khan, provides a 21st Century practice model which blends the two specialties of occupational medicine and orthopaedics. Dr. Khan’s unique program is the only one of its kind in Georgia that has proven enhance the quality of patients’ medical care along with dramatic cost savings for its clients.  (Now part of U.S. Healthworks, CCI has six locations in metro Atlanta.)


Dr. Khan wanted to enhance his team’s financial management and reporting.  The CCI team was looking to create a platform to communicate the company’s key performance indicators (“KPIs”) that drive its financial results.

Solution: Trillium Financial’s CFO Leadership Services

According to Dr. Kahn, Trillium Financial’s (“TFI”) Numbers Coach leadership services were an “ideal” fit for developing CCI’s performance metrics.  TFI developed a financial dashboard focusing financial drivers that provide visibility into the profits and cash flow critical to sustained growth of a business.  The dashboard offered both graphs and numerical charts to give an “at a glance” view of results.  In addition, TFI reviewed the company’s financial results each month to help the team identify areas of concern or improvement.


TFI effectively pulled together the required financial and non-financial data to complete a dashboard.  Each month TFI assisted with the monthly financial results for the dashboard.   More importantly, TFI’s methodical approach to measuring and reporting financial results provided the CCI team with timely information to take actions on profitable activities for bottom line results.

“Mike has been an integral part of our team over the years.  His solid understanding of financial reporting processes and systems provided our company with the right tools to navigate our finances successfully.”

Dr. Ish Khan, founder/CEO

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