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Learn How to Fish: Hire a Coach vs. a Consultant

An ancient proverb states, “if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.”

In the business world, financial acumen is the fish. Companies hire experts to understand and solve financial issues. The experts complete the task and voila, the company has its fish.

But what if a business hires a coach who teaches the team leaders how to fish? Then the leaders will be able to ask the right questions, and then understand, analyze and solve financial problems on their own. The team leaders will now become the experts.

Hiring a coach instead of an expert equips, educates, and empowers company leaders. No more waiting for a consultant to provide all of the answers. Now managers have the necessary skills and insights to find the answers (which may include saving money on experts!)

Think of it as a football coach who teaches the quarterback how to run and call plays on the field. In addition to instruction, the coach gives the quarterback advice and support. As the quarterback gains confidence in their abilities through coaching, they begin to call audible plays on the field themselves based on how they see the defense line up.

Instead of an expert who is hired to identify specific problems and opportunities, a Numbers Coach offers financial tools that allow businesses leaders to be more engaged and active in their financials and to take charge of their financial success.

Hiring an expert will solve the immediate or near-term issues, but you will be right back where you started from when it comes to the next one. Alternatively, coaching is geared toward a broader understanding of financials and teaches the necessary skills.

With coaching, leaders will see the bigger picture, not just specific problems, and can handle future challenges and opportunities on their own. They will catch their own fish and have plenty to share.

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