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Updating Your Organization’s Employee Experience

The nature of work has evolved dramatically over the years, from what we deliver to how we create it. It wasn’t long ago when scores of people sat in rows of desks performing the same repetitive activity. Today, we don’t even need to be in an office, and can still accomplish so much more.

Each generation has fresh expectations for how their work environment operates and feels – and for most companies, the COVID-19 pandemic monkey wrench forced abrupt new changes. While our work environments, wherever they are, may not be “Dunder Mifflin” fun, it’s important to continue evolving your work environment.

Here are 6 recommendations for encouraging your workforce:

  1. Create opportunities for employees to grow their relationships. It’s difficult to make a positive connection with someone you know only by name and title. Consider planning a casual activity at lunchtime, creating interest-based groups, or finding opportunities for people to work outside of their normal teams.
  2. Provide ongoing feedback.  The years of annual reviews have passed. Much of today’s workforce prefer frequent feedback. Discuss goals and expectations more frequently to allow employees to attack incremental goals and have a say in creating expectations that seem fair and challenging.
  3. Offer flexible work locations. No more cubicles, but also no more wide-open workspaces. Promote creativity and collaboration with quiet rooms and lounges filled with comfy seating. Consider flexible furniture, like desks that enable a person to work while sitting or standing. We all know it’s unhealthy for people to sit in a chair like a slug all day. And don’t forget small and large enclosed places for phone calls and meetings.  Even after the pandemic passes, options like remote working, working irregular hours, and job-sharing will be huge bonuses to employees trying to balance their work and personal lives.
  4. Offer benefit packages that include mental health coverage and financial and mental wellness checkups. Some employers encourage taking “mental health” days to recharge. Some are insisting that employees working from home take time for a walk or non-screen-time during their workday. At the office, some employers are even providing meditation rooms.  How can you support your employees’ mental health?
  5. Focus on purpose. Identifying one’s purpose is important to today’s work force.  Help employees understand how their work contributes to the success of the company as a whole. Inquire as to how and why they do their work, what they feel their strengths are, what energizes them and what impact they feel they are making.  This may encourage some employees to create their own purpose statement.
  6. Finally, ask for feedback. A suggestion box is still a good way to do this. Make it easy for employees to give praise and criticism. Ask for ideas. Some of the most positively impactful changes come from employees on the front line.