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Keep the Boat Afloat: Strategies for Securing Your Finances Through A Global Pandemic Storm

By Michael Iverson We are in an unprecedented time – one that is impacting most businesses in the United States and the world. And there’s no telling what the fallout will look like or even how long social distancing and company shutdowns will continue. As a numbers coach for my business clients, many of them […]

If You’re Happy and You Know It. . . You Likely Have Good Friends

The key to happiness (along with the location of the Fountain of Youth) has eluded humans since the beginning of time. Some keys to happiness have now been uncovered as a result of one of the world’s largest longitudinal studies of people’s health and happiness. Launched by Harvard University in 1938, the study followed then-college […]

Don’t Waste Time in Bad Meetings!

Everyone has them, but boy can they be painful.  No, I’m not talking about your annual physical (a worthwhile use of time!).  I’m talking about meetings. According to Harvard Business Review, the average executive spends 23 hours per week in meetings. 23 HOURS A WEEK! That is just nuts. It’s not that meetings are a […]

Selling via email? Absolutely – but use these tips for success

Communicating with sales targets via email was probably not an option for your parents’ generation of workers. Yet email is a crucial tool for today’s salesperson. But these days, as we know too well, it’s impossible to read all incoming emails. So only “smart” emails will make it through your prospects’ filter. Here are a […]

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Your Business

There are plenty of ways to measure the financial success of your business: profit margins and revenue growth, for instance.  But do the old standby measures give you the whole picture? It’s never too early or too late to try out new ways of analyzing the state of your business. I recently came across a […]

3 Things Every Business Owner Should Know About Marketing

#1 What Is Marketing? This is a question that can inspire lengthy discourse and an entire day’s worth of discussion in Marketing 101 courses around the world. Many consider marketing to be the art and science of positioning your business and your product or service in the marketplace, creating a brand identity, and promoting awareness. […]

Do You Know Your ROCE?

How Measuring Your Return on Capital Employed is Critical for Financial Health There are so many ways to measure a company’s financial success: profit margin, return on equity, and return on invested capital. Return On Capital Employed (ROCE) is a lesser known but equally important financial indicator. ROCE is especially useful for evaluating your company’s […]

Questions You Should Ask Every Potential Hire

by Michael Iverson Interviewing job candidates can be a task dreaded by entrepreneurs.  Why?  Some have nagging doubts because of one disappointing hire.  Others don’t have patience for what they perceive to be a long, drawn-out process that may end in a compromise rather than a perfect fit. Here are six interview questions that can […]

How this “J” Can Help You Make Strategic Decisions Easier

by Tim Fulton, Small Business Matters How often do you get “stuck” on a big strategic decision? If you are like many small business owners, the answer is “too often”. It may be a key employee hire, a capital decision, the purchase of a large fixed asset, or may be a decision to exit the […]

What’s Your Plan for Avoiding Burnout?

by Michael Iverson Working closely with entrepreneurs, I think I can say that most enjoy their work to a high degree.  As a group, they are upbeat and passionate about business.  Most control their workplace environments, their hours of operation, and the people who work with them.  All of those things make coming to work […]