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Prioritization: The Foremost Rockefeller Habit for Success

There is a belief that the best way to improve your work productivity is to emulate the habits of someone highly successful. John D. Rockefeller, who founded the Standard Oil Company in 1870 and ran it until 1897, is one of the true titans of Am… Read the rest

Get a Feel for Your Business by Writing Down the Numbers

In the era of smart phones, smart cars and smart homes, you might feel advice about tracking your business results with an old-school number 2 pencil is a little out of step.  You shouldn’t.

There is an old saying: “From lips to pencil tips,” … Read the rest

Solving Your Liquidity Crunch

Sometimes business owners get into difficult situations because they don’t understand the likelihood of crisis and are unprepared when it strikes. One of the most likely kinds of crisis is a liquidity crunch.

A liquidity crunch can occu
Read the rest

How ABC can Help with Your 123s

by Anne Moore Odell

Sometimes, it can feel like your hands are tied when it comes to costs—everything from rent and salaries to materials. As you closely examine every line of your company’s income statements looking for ways to cut costs an… Read the rest

Want to Lead the Pack? Create a New Category for Your Product

by Michael Iverson

Every so often, I am surprised by a company that dramatically changes its industry. And, I wonder to myself: How did they do it?

My business reading list this year took me to a business classic called The 22 Immutable Laws of Read the rest

What is the Best Pricing Strategy for Your Business?

Smart business owners are always looking for ways to increase their business profits as they analyze their income statements. One area businesses can focus on to increase profits is in pricing strategy. Pricing is one of four levers that i… Read the rest

Wondering How Your Company Stacks Up Against the Competition?

by Michael Iverson

At one time or another, every business owner yearns to see how his or her company stacks up against the competition within the same industry. Comparing a company’s financial performance against that of its peers is likel… Read the rest

Is It Time to Re-Examine Your Business Methods?

by Michael Iverson

Several years ago, I read an article about things in everyday life that most people do incorrectly.  In many instances, it’s simply because that’s the way they’ve always done them.

For example, would you believe that onl… Read the rest

The Hidden Cost of Doing Nothing to Market Your Business

by Tara Lamboley, CEO of REV Demand

Oftentimes I am asked “Who is your biggest competitor?”  And I always answer:  “Indecision.”

It’s quite true that the biggest hurdle we at REV (and I suspect many of you) must overcome in converting a prosp… Read the rest

What are the Benefits of a Diversified Revenue Stream?

by Michael Iverson, Principal of Trillium Financial

When you think about the way America’s small businesses get started, it should come as no surprise that a relative few have revenue streams that could be considered diversified. A great … Read the rest