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The Positive Power of a Flexible Workplace

Employers, employees and studies say remote working in many instances can result in more productivity. The past two years guarantee that an increase in remote working will be a permanent result of COVID-19.

When people work from home, they have more control over their time and working environment. Employees work when they are most productive, which is not always regular business hours. People who work from home tend to dress comfortably and can fit more exercise and sleep into their schedules.

Traditionally, extra sleep and comfy attire for staff are not high on the list of employer goals. In fact, it may seem like these factors are counterproductive. But many employers say remote work has had a direct and positive result on business. Employees are happier, healthier (more sleep and exercise), take fewer sick days and accomplish more than those who spend the entirety of their work hours in an office.  Communication by text, email, Zoom and phone is proving to be more efficient as people focus more intently on their time management with these channels.

Call center employees, for example, take more calls when they work remotely, in part due to less noise and generally fewer distractions at home (apart from slightly distracting unsupervised toddlers), as opposed to a busy office.

Job satisfaction tends to increase without a daily commute. There is the appeal of a commute-free lifestyle. Statistics show that traditional commuters suffer from high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high cholesterol, more often than those who commute from the kitchen to the office down the hall. Increased anxiety is also associated with a commuter lifestyle.

People value a remote workplace option and may opt to take a pay cut for a job that offers it.  Having the flexibility to work even with a hybrid model of home office and work office environments can add a dimension to a job that makes it attractive.  The greater acceptance of a work-from-home option has opened the opportunity to reduce geographic limitations when recruiting.  Hiring employees is not cheap and a high rate of employee retention helps both overall morale and the bottom line.

Pandemic-life has proven that working remotely, at least part of the time, is feasible and profitable. Businesses can use remote working to their advantage to pivot their company and meet the demands of a new reality.