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Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Did you know that 20 percent of new businesses fail in their first year, 50 percent don’t last beyond five years, and 66 percent are gone before 10 years?

Lasting entrepreneurship involves so many factors – it’s not just being an industry or functional expert, or putting hard work into a great idea. External inputs such as economic, market, and industry conditions play a role. And so does plain old luck.

What tends to drive a business to succeed, or not, is its founder(s). And many serial entrepreneurs seem to have a skill set that balances industry and business knowledge, ideas, intuition, the ability to build relationships and close a deal, and willingness to embrace risk.

Entrepreneurs are much like someone who goes up in a plane, and jumps right out without hesitation. But starting a business, like sky diving, is not for everyone. And though there is not one “successful entrepreneur” mold, here are some qualities I have noticed that many profitable self-starting-business owners exemplify:

How does this list make you feel? Motivated? Tense?  Exhausted? Bored? If you’re feeling motivated, you may have an “E” (entrepreneur) personality. You may have what it takes to start a new business venture and see it through to prosperity. More importantly, you may have what it takes to have a fulfilling career as an entrepreneur.

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