Your Business Numbers Coach....Go to Your Next Level

The Numbers NavigatorTM

about where to take your business, WITH CONFIDENCE.

How It Works . . .

1: FINANCIAL COACH MEETING: We meet monthly with you and key members of your team.  As your “numbers coach” we will dig into the numbers and key performance indicators focusing on what drives the financial results of your business.

2: DIAGNOSTIC SOFTWARE: We use our proprietary financial software that provides a scorecard, financial forecast, and other key reports on your business.  The software guides us in our numbers coach financial meetings to diagnosis your company’s financial health.  It is the financial plan for the future.

3: REPORTING & RECOMMENDATIONS: Each month our clients have access to the financial diagnostic software’s reports.   From the monthly financial coaching meetings we will document clear action steps to improve cash flow and operations.

How You Benefit. . .

  1. Quick visibility to key performance metrics through a scorecard
  2. Uncovering areas to target to drive cash flow
  3. “What If” scenarios with key metrics to improve operating cash flow
  4. 24/7 access to review the numbers on your own schedule
  5. Coaching from Trillium for the team on what the numbers mean
  6. Accountability with actual numbers vs. forecast
  7. Rolling financial forecast to gain visibility on where the business is headed
  8. Ability to see where to pivot when things get off track
  9. A tool that provides financial focus for decision making
  10. Track record to see trends and spot opportunities for operational improvement

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