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Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Tool Kit


Get the tools you need to measure your business key performance indicators necessary for financial success.



Measure the key performance indicators that can make or break your business with TFI’s Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Tool Kit.  This tool kit includes key calculators that help you understand your financial milestones.

Tool Kit includes:

  • Financial Performance Model:  What are the key financial performance indicators important to the financial success of your company?
  • CAGR Percent:  Document the Compound Annual Growth Rate of your key income statement measurements
  • ROCE Percent:  Leverage this calculator to understand the Return On Capital Employed in your business, giving you visibility into how well your business investment is doing
  • WACC Percent:  Use this calculator to determine your company’s Weighted Average Cost of Capital, an important KPI for business performance
  • NPV Discount:  This calculator will help you determine when to offer payment discounts on your company’s accounts receivable (A/R)

Understand the metrics that drive your company’s financial well-being with the KPI Tool Kit from Trillium.