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Trillium Helps Pool Company Float More Cash to the Bottom Line

Bill White built Southern Splash Pools (“SSP”) in 2001 to provide northern Georgia with quality custom and new pool construction, pool repair and maintenance services.  SSP provides a lifetime structural guarantee with all of its installations.

Over the years, Bill realized that his profits weren’t where he thought they should be, but couldn’t identify exactly why:  “At the end of the day, our overall sales numbers were good, but the bottom line was not.”

Intrigued by information about the CFO Financial Navigator he found in Trillium’s monthly newsletter, White decided to “pull the trigger” and contacted Trillium’s Mike Iverson to provide a comprehensive analysis of SSP’s financial operations.  Trillium used its CFO Financial NavigatorTM to determine the key financial drivers in SSP’s business model.  Trillium gained an understanding of SSP’s key business issues through a discovery session with management.

Trillium provided SSP with a comprehensive financial report that identified opportunities to drive more cash flow from the business.  Together Trillium and SSP determined that margins were too thin, and that pricing per project needed to be adjusted to reach the profitability desired by SSP.  To achieve this Trillium provided:

  •  A 20+ page financial report detailing key drivers in SSP’s business model
  • Cash on hand/revenue targets for each month
  • Models for various pricing strategies and guidance on creating the pricing structure that would provide more profitability
  • Provided a short-term planning tool to ensure resources and cash were allocated appropriately
  • Established a schedule for accountability check-ins to measure progress on financial goals

“I appreciate Mike’s approach, which is educational and ‘real world;’ he boils it down to
what I really need to know to run my business. The best part is that I now understand
what the numbers are telling me and I have someone besides myself to hold me
accountable for reaching my financial goals.”

Bill White, President, Southern Splash

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