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Trillium Assists in Capital Acquisition for Company Buy-Out


In 2004 Pain Consultants of Atlanta, LLC (“PCA”), a leading pain management medical services firm, entered into an agreement where key leadership would purchase their division from their parent company.  PCA management needed to find the right type of financing to ensure a successful buy out.

SOLUTION: Trillium CFO Leadership Services

PCA turned to Trillium to assist with finding the right financial partner to execute the buy out. Trillium compiled a loan report that included detailed financial information and projections. The loan report told the PCA story, its vision for the future, and why it was a good deal for a financial partner.  Since the historical financial data was strong and accurate, and the projections realistic, PCA had several options available to them.


Trillium helped PCA management evaluate and determine the most appropriate financing options and terms to meet their objectives.

  • PCA received several competitive term sheets to evaluate.
  • Financing was timed to meet necessary deadlines for the buy-out.
  • A working capital line of credit was also secured to provide adequate financing for growth

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