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Trillium Helps Secure Interim Financing for Practice Expansion


In 2004, Pain Consultants of Atlanta, LLC (“PCA”), a leading pain management medical services firm, was in the process of negotiating a buy-out from their parent company. PCA saw an opportunity to grow by opening a new clinic in Atlanta, Georgia, but was unsure about expanding prior to the completion of their buy-out.  The management team determined that they needed to secure interim financing in order to move forward with the expansion.

SOLUTION: Trillium CFO Leadership Services

PCA engaged Trillium to assist them in securing interim financing that would allow the company to continue on their growth path without requiring a large capital infusion.  They also needed to structure the financing in a manner that conserved cash flow during a crucial buy-out transition period.


Trillium helped PCA to obtain approximately $300,000 of short-term lease/purchase financing from several different financial partners.  This enabled PCA to continue its expansion during the interim period before the actual buy-out occurred.

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