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Trillium Management & History

Why Trillium Financial was Founded
Trillium Financial Inc. was founded in 2003 to provide emerging growth companies with the benefits of having a business financial coach. Trillium principal, Michael Iverson, enjoyed working at a variety companies in the corporate environment, but determined that many emerging companies needed financial education and guidance from a coach with CFO level experience. He found that he could have an impact on business growth by providing financial services that equip companies with the right solutions to propel them to financial success.

Michael Iverson, CPA
Principal, Trillium Financial, Inc.

Michael is an experienced financial executive with over 35 years of financial accounting and management experience at both privately held and publicly held companies. He has held senior financial and administrative executive positions at American Family Restaurants, Inc., Pediatric Services of America, Inc., Payment Technologies, Inc. and ecHub, Inc.

Michael earned his B.A. at Furman University and an MBA at Emory University. He is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the State of Georgia. Michael is also a member of the Georgia Society of CPAs, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Vistage International (an international organization serving CEO’s).

In Michael’s spare time, he gives his time and resources by donating, volunteering and serving on the board of directors for New American Pathways, and volunteering with other local area nonprofits. Trillium Financial donates a portion of the company’s profits to these and other organizations. Michael enjoys spending time and traveling with his family.

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