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Trillium Financial Case Studies

Trillium Helps Medical Practice Improve Profits

TFI developed a financial dashboard that helped this growing medical practice diagnose its critical financial drivers and plan for the future.  Learn more

Trillium Crafts Financial Models for Brewing Company

Understanding how changes to key metrics drive the financial results of the business was critical for this hometown brewing company. Learn how Trillium Financial’s CFO Leadership services made the difference.

Trillium Assists in Capital Acquisition for Company Buy-Out

PCA management also needed to find the right type of financing to ensure a successful buy out. Learn more about Trillium’s role in their capital acquisition.

Trillium Positions Nutrition Company to Evaluate Prospective Acquisitions

Acquisition is one of many growth strategies a company may adopt, but it can also be a risky proposition. Read about how this young company sought assistance from Trillium and negotiated a successful merger.

Trillium Helps Secure Interim Financing for Practice Expansion

This new company saw an opportunity to grow by opening a new clinic, but was unsure about expanding prior to the completion of their buy-out. Learn about Trillium’s creative solution and assistance.

Trillium Establishes Financial Infrastructure for Start-Up

A nutrition company realized they needed a financial consultant who could take them from an idea to launch, and on to the next level as an emerging growth business. Learn more about how Trillium helped them establish financial infrastructure to take them where they needed to be.

Trillium Advises & Establishes Financial Infrastructure for Pain Management Company Spun-Off from Parent Company

A healthcare management team recognized the need for financial leadership to help them navigate through the spin-off from their parent company and become a successful stand-alone company. Read about Trillium’s role in this successful spin-off.

Trillium Leads Online Financial Network to Merger Success

An online operations company recognized the need for financial leadership to help support their rapid growth plans. Learn about what Trillium did to help them achieve their goal.

Trillium Identifies Opportunities for Improved Cash Flow for Environmental Engineers

An enviornmental consulting firm sought solutions to improve cash flow through Trillium’s CFO Financial Navigator. Read more about what they discovered.